The Extent Of The Bin Ranges For Credit Cards

It is important to know which kinds of BIN ranges are used for credit cards and other types of payment cards. There is actually a large list of these ranges which can be searchable through a BIN range checker. Most of these ranges have been set by the American Banking Association and they are responsible for issuing them to the networks. BIN numbers amongst other uses can be employed as a measure against credit card and other payment card charges and fraud. Numbers that do not match any which are in the list during a search may be considered high risk or even fraudulent.

The applicable BIN ranges for Amex will usually be with the first numbers of the 6 digit BIN being 34 or 37. Any number between 340000-349999 and 370000-379999 can be considered the BIN range for American Express. The cards for American Express are usually more likely to be checked for fraud as they have both credit and charge cards in higher frequency. Charge cards usually do not carry a set limit thus allowing a large purchasing power with one card.

The BIN ranges for Diners Club will be searchable in between 300000-305999. The first three digits will be required to be 300, 301, 302, 303, 304 and 305. Any other Diner’s club card that does not start with these numbers is not in the registered list and can be considered fraudulent until the number scheme is changed. The enRoute Diners Club cards will range between either 201400-201499 or 214900-214999. The international Diners Club cards will be anywhere from 360000-369999 in range.

The simple BIN ranges for Discover include 601100-601199, 622126-622925, 644000-649999 and 650000-659999. This is much more than what BIN ranges for JCB offer in between 352800-358999. Although both are somewhat small on the scale they can still process millions of cards within those BIN ranges which is understandable since the following numbers can have millions of comBINations in sequence.

The following BIN ranges for MasterCard are simple and will always start with a 5 being in between 510000-559999. The BIN ranges for Visa get a large block of 400000-499999 with special numbers between this range corresponding directly to Visa Electron cards. MasterCard and Visa are the most commonly accepted credit cards in the US but are widely accepted worldwide.

All of the cards are validated using the Luhn algorithm, which is a mod 10 simple checksum. It is not designed to be a cryptographically secure hash function but instead can be used to easily verify a card number when processing credit cards through a validation sequence to complete a transaction.

A BIN ranges lookup service is an option for those who are interested in searching the applicable BIN ranges for transactions made by credit cards within these ranges. There is more to a BIN ranges list with each BIN number listing. The BIN ranges database is designed to allow merchants and other entities to have access to the widest selection of BIN range numbers while remaining up to date and current whenever possible.