WIN-WIN GUARANTEE!!! Part 5 – works on a performance basis. They’re paid only a percentage of the price savings they deliver to you. You pay them nothing from your existing money flow. And they give you a risk-free trial. That is why they call it a Win-Win Guarantee. See for yourself. Begin saving dollars on your credit card merchant processing services these days.

LEARN ABOUT..RATE LOCK SERVICE!!!! The Houston Ship Channel is home to numerous companies, some really large, that offer goods and services to the oil and gas, construction and other Houston industries. Nearly all of those businesses accept credit cards for payment and have a merchant account. All of them want to discover about your Rate Lock service. I want you to know that I will do all I can to tell them about We are most appreciative for what you’ve carried out to support us control our credit card processing costs. We wish you well in obtaining your breakthrough procedure into wide use. H. G. B., President Industrial supply Store Houston, Texasxas

BREAKTHROUGH PROPRIETARY PROCEDURE!! This purpose of this letter is to comment on the service has provided to our hotel group. When we very first talked four months ago you explained to me the breakthrough proprietary process your business had developed. You said that your company could analyze our merchant credit card processing statements and figure out regardless of whether we had been paying far more than the fair costs for the services being provided by our processor, Heartland Payment Systems. You said that with further detailed analysis you could ascertain precisely just how much we had been overpaying. We doubted that could do what you said. Nonetheless, you proposed to work on a contingency basis and be paid only a percentage of the savings you delivered and documented to our company. We saw no reason not to allow your business to try to lower our group’s merchant credit card processing costs. In our minds it was a “no-risk proposition” as you described it. We had thought for some time that we had been paying too a lot, but we had no thought of how our monthly bills may be reduced.

NOTICE: The review of this business is real. This positive testimonial review for, in Houston TX might be modified to qualify as unique content within the review space provided herein. Contact, in Houston TX at (877)510-0615 for more FIVE STAR****Business Reviews and Ratings. is a new business formed to fill an unanswered will need. About 13.5 million American businesses accept credit and debit card payments. A six-step electronic interchange procedure completes payment to merchants who accept charge cards.

Interchange is handled by credit card processing companies, some of which are really big. Annual industry sales exceed $48 billion.

Clients don’t change processors or purchase any equipment. They’re given a risk-free trial and pay only for performance, as a percentage of the documented savings achieved each month. typically saves clients 10%-25% of prior monthly processing costs.

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