Things You Can Know With Credit Card Bin Numbers

Usually, when you apply for a bank account these days, you are also entitled of having a bank card that can have different freebies, benefits, and advantages. However, there is more to a credit or debit card than just having numbers and your account name. Without you knowing, credit card bin numbers are within those 16 digits where it holds the name of the bank, the type of card, and even access to some of your information. Just by checking credit card bin numbers, your business can assure safety and security during transactions.

Credit Card Bin Numbers Contain Card Brand

With credit card bin numbers, you can know the brand of the bank being used. Some famous brands include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, and other brands that are known in many nations.

Credit Card Bin Numbers Indicate Bank Name

Credit card bin numbers can also identify the name of the bank where your card came from. This can easily help checkers to confirm with the bank if the holder is indeed the right person, by tapping into pictures, signatures, and other sensitive information.

Credit Card Bin Numbers Show Card Types

Is your card used for debit, for credit, or as a charge card that is also used as a gift card? If you are not so sure, then credit card bin numbers can tell it to you easily as you pull up information from the huge database entry.

Card Categories are found in Credit Card Bin Numbers

What is the category of card being used? Is it a CLASSIC card being used for basic purchases or is it an ATM-ONLY card that cannot be used for swiping in groceries? Credit card bin numbers have this information also, which knows of the privileges and even limitations being held by the cards being utilized.

Country of Origin is also in Credit Card Bin Numbers

Credit card bin numbers also reflect the country of origin where the bank is located. So whether you are using the same card but it is located in a different country, then it can be used as grounds for checking the possible scrupulous activity behind the creation of the said account and for what purpose.

The five details that can be found in credit card bin numbers can be simply read when using BIN number search tools that can be accessible online or on exclusive software being offered to companies that need to use it. However, there is more to the card than what can be seen in the BIN database.

The bank’s main website can also be seen as you verify credit card bin numbers. Aside from the site, more powerful database versions can even find out current balance, address of the customer, and other personal details without the need of PINs. This is how powerful credit card bin numbers are, even though they are simply found as the first six numbers found on the 16 digits on the kind of card that you are using.