Why Would Someone Steal Another’s Identity

Identity Theft can happen to anyone. You or the people you know such as a friend, family member, even a neighbor it can happen to anyone even people who you’ve never met before. Scary isn’t it? But it’s the truth that it can happen anytime anywhere and most of the time you won’t even know it until the effects start kicking in.

Why in the world would anyone want to steal another person’s identity? What in the world do you think was going through their heads when they stole another person’s identity? The most common answer is money. To most people who live in the darker side of life, money is what makes the world go round. With money you have power and with power you can do anything with that power.

But how can stealing someone else’s identity can bring another person to power? Easy, they use that information to create a fake identity and use it at their leisure. From creating false bank accounts, credit accounts and other accounts where money is heavily involved can be used with someone else’s identity.

The most common account where identity theft is involved is the use of another person’s credit card. Millions of dollars have been lost by someone else using another person’s credit card. You heard that right. Millions of dollars with the capital letter M. But how is that possible you ask? It’s quite simple actually. Because many people are too slow to report their credit card stolen that it’s impossible for them to know that someone else used their credit card to buy something without their consent.

But what about all the security you ask? That again is a simple question to be answered. The security is quite primitive. The only way to prevent someone else from using your lost or stolen credit card is to report it missing immediately. If you don’t you are responsible for what items that were charged on your card. It can be something petty as a few dollars to something extremely expensive that you have no possibility of paying off resulting you in financial debt.

Back to the security issue the only security that a credit card might have is the signature. But think about it carefully. Who the hell is actually making sure that whoever is signing for that card is the real you? No one is actually. Not a single person. Instead anyone can sign the piece of paper and get away with it because it’s just a simple signature. It may be bounded by law that if you sign it you are being held responsible. But the person is already stealing your identity what is another crime or to added to that? It’s practically nothing to them.

So what can I do to prevent from getting my credit card stolen or what do I do when it does get stolen. One to prevent your card from getting stolen is to get one with a picture of yourself on it. Though it’s not the best method it can help a person quite a bit because for the most part the person that will be taking care of the transaction will notice that the person using the card is not the same person who the card belongs to. Another method is to not carry a credit card around with you or don’t carry multiple credit cards with you because they can all be stolen. But if you do happen to lose or get your card stolen by someone, report it immediately as mentioned before or you will suffer the consequences.