Why is Good Credit Important Discover the Whole Truth About Your Credit Score & Your Future

In this article we are going to quickly cover the importance of a good credit rating. The simple truth is that for many people, while they RECOGNIZE that their credit score plays a big part in their lives, they don’t have any TRUE idea of how far that influence extends. In my view, your credit score may in fact be the most important number in your life’s overall happiness and well being! Sound far fetched? Continue reading on below!

The Damage that Bad Credit Can Do To Your Life is Astounding

I have felt the effects of bad credit personally, and can tell you the damage extends far beyond simple financial concerns. Did you know that at one point in my life I was turned down for a series of high paying jobs I was MORE than qualified for…simply because of some credit negligence I displayed in college? It’s true….and while this certainly had a financial affect on my life, it wreaked havoc on my self esteem, where I lived thereafter, my ability to turn on utilities in my apartment, get insurance and EVEN on the relationship I had with my girlfriend! (sort of like those commercials you see on TV with the guy who ends up working in the chain restaurant after marrying the girl with terrible credit!)

Bad Credit Decisions Can Affect Everything

I truly wish that people understood the destructive nature of their credit decisions BEFORE they make risky choices! The simple truth is that you can repair a derogatory credit rating, but it’s much easier to simply avoid putting yourself in the position to begin with! I’ve been on both sides of the financial street, and can tell you it’s a much smoother road with a score that looks good on paper…and makes YOU look like a risk worth taking to boot!

And Remember……Credit Repair is NOT difficult. Living with Bad Credit though…..CERTAINLY IS..:-)

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