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Important Information On Legal Alcohol Limit And DUI

If you reside in the US or planning to travel to the country, remember that alcohol will potentially slow you down and alter your natural reactions when driving. When you have adequate knowledge on DUI law and more facts on drunk-driving in the States, you will be in a better position to keep yourself and other road users safe in addition to being on the right-hand side of the law. If you want to learn more on DUI and the stipulations of legal alcohol limit, keep it here.

DUI is a short for driving under the influence and it occurs when car owners or drivers take mind-altering substances including alcohol and drive putting everyone on the road including themselves at risk. Because of the prevalence of alcohol the government has put down regulations and a legal limit beyond which you are not supposed to drive. However, the sound advice is to avoid drinking when driving because even if you drunk below the legal limit, there is a good chance that your ability to drive will also be altered.

The legal alcohol limit in the United States is the same as that of UK. The US law stipulates that drunk-driving occurs when an individual drive a vehicle while having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams per dl or more. If you are a car owner or driver in the United States and you exceed this alcohol limit, you are not only endangering your life but the other road users as well.

The following are ways in which driving while drunk will negatively affect your performance. The alcohol in the bloodstream will delay the transmission of the message from the driver’s eye to the brain. Drivers who take alcohol and drive often have slower reaction times since information processing and instructions to the muscles delay significantly.

Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol in most cases have a blurred and double vision which negatively affect the way they see things. The urges that you usually repress as a driver are likely to be unleashed and that means you are likely to take dangerous risks.

When you drink and drive, you are likely to make irrational decisions on the road which could lead to accidents and fatalities for all the people on that road. For this reason, the government consider driving under the influence as a serious offense that attracts severe penalties as a way of reducing the number of drunk drivers.

The DUI penalties vary from one state to another state, but they all agree on legal alcohol limit. In general, drivers who are found guilty of drunk driving will have to part with costly fines and high legal fees.

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