Transaction Steps Involved In A Credit Card Payment

The complex procedural steps involved in credit card payment are designed to protect the interests of both the client and the issuing bank, which are as follows: product purchase, authorization, safe-keeping and tracking, and fund transfer.

The type of payment using a credit card has already been popular due to two major reasons such as convenience and safety both on the part of the customer and merchant. Cashless shopping is possible without having to worry about thefts. Apart from the previously mentioned reasons, another importance of accepting credit cards is observable when running an online business. This makes shopping feasible even when you are miles away from the actual store location. You are basically opening more doors for potential customers and not just limit to physically present patrons. However, you might be wondering how a simple card can turn into something profitable. Here is a brief explanation as to how transaction takes place, which are as follows:

Product purchase

Purchasing a product can be done either in actual stores or through online transaction. If the client is physically present during the purchase, the card can be swiped on a terminal device, which captures details such as name of cardholder, account number, date of purchase, and amount. However, if the transaction took place online, you just need the account numbers, so that these can be encoded manually.


There is such entity called acquiring back, which refers to the middleman who facilitates the processing through authorization request. The issuing bank verifies

How Undeveloped Land Is A Better Investment Diversification Strategy

Any investment diversification strategy should involve undeveloped land.

Dont trust the national numbers on housing values as the final word on all real estate investment. Regional differences are significant and opportunities abound.

The conundrum for investors who are intrigued with UK land and real estate is, with a growing population and so little building in the past decade, why arent more houses being built?

After all, Census 2011 showed a growth rate of about 7 per cent since 2001, a much healthier addition of population than most countries found in the Eurozone. England and Wales in particular are a strong draw for immigration, and the birth rate has remained relatively strong even through the financial recession of the past six years. Exacerbating this further, pensioners are living longer and in greater health, keeping granny from moving out of her granny flat.

Savills research offers some data and analysis that suggests some fundamental ways in which housing will be built in the years to come. It offers a different perspective to anyone involved in land development, as investment on UK strategic land and raw acreage is most adaptable to market needs before buildings are constructed.

Specifically, the firm offers the following data points:

Regional differences mask home prices Overall, homes in Britain have seen an average value increase of 6.4 per cent since 2007. Which is all well and good, except it masks the differences between North and South: in the South East and London, increases in home values are in

Bin Ranges List For Credit Cards

BIN act as one of the preventive measures developed to prohibit the credit card frauds. BIN stands for Bank Identification Number, which is now termed as Issuer Identification Number. BIN refers to the first 6 digits of a credit card.

Credit cards comprises of 16 digit number, where the first 6 digits plays an important role irrespective of the type of card held and the issuing authority and bank. The six digit number stands for the issuer’s identification in which the first digit represents and described as the Major Industry Identifier. The remaining digits of the credit card number which generally range up to 12 digits act as an identity for individual i.e. the card holders. Even though the credit cards are offered from the banking and non-banking institutions, they are generally issued through the exclusive network.

Bin also represents the institutions that issue the cards. Bin ranges list and regulates the credit cards issuance, starting with the same number for each card and every card issued by the respective institutions. For instance, Visa cards starts with 4. Majority of the issuing institutions print the first 4 digits of the card, i.e. the first 4 digits of the Bank identification number just below the embossed credit card number. It is extended for additional security.

For instance, if a Visa Credit Card, issued by Royal Bank of Scotland starts with 4147 as embossed on the card just below the embossment, the same digits are printed at the bottom left

How to Get Out of Credit card debt Depression

I experimented with to encounter my credit card debt difficulties all on my very own. When my good friends, relatives and co-personnel lastly located out how lousy my condition was, they ended up shocked. They hadn’t had a clue. Now, perhaps you’re powerful and can make it as a result of this on your individual, but it would possibly be a whole lot a lot easier to have an accountability partner – anyone who will support you remain on track, and a person you can confide in.

The truth is, you aren’t on your own. In reality, about 43% of Americans devote additional than they make. But, you wouldn’t be looking at this document if you didn’t want to turn into an individual of the 57% who are carrying out better than that. There is a way out. It may well take some time and effort. There will be some complicated days. You will have some challenging decisions to make. But, when you arrive out on the other aspect, how very much happier you’ll be!be!

Debt: so uncomplicated to get into, so complicated to get out from beneath. It’s typical to experience some depression more than improved credit card debt. Typically it’s a momentary circumstance. As your credit card debt decreases, your depression fades. But, what if you are so much in credit card debt you can’t see a way out? Currently being deep in financial debt can lead to a feeling of hopeless and helplessness. In point, credit card debt is

Credit Card Minimum Payments Vs. Unsecured Loan Installments

You may be undergoing a difficult financial situation where you are unable to cancel the balances on your credit cards and you have no other choice than paying the minimums and leaving large unpaid balances. Though you may think you have no other choice, you could easily get approved for an unsecured personal loan and replace the minimum and variable credit card payments with fixed loan installments.

When you have financial problems, credit cards instead of being a blessing turn out to be an incredibly heavy burden. Financing unpaid balances is extremely expensive and your minimum payments keep increasing eating up your income till you finally wont be able to meet the payments.

Credit Cards Payments

Though the flexibility credit cards provide is undoubtedly useful in normal situations, you can easily feel tempted to reduce the amount of money you destine to pay your credit card balances and use it for other expenses. Since credit cards let you pay only a small portion of the balance, the temptation is big but doing so can bring many problems to your financial health.

The interest rate charged for credit card financing can be as high as 25% on an annual basis. Such a high rate, if the balances remain unpaid, implies high amounts of money on interests that keep being added to your debt. If you pay only the minimum this situation is aggravated because eventually as your debt increases, you wont be able to pay the minimum and when that happens,

Checking Out Credit Repair Magic- Will Credit Repair Magic Actually Improve A Fico Score Asap

There is an impressive credit repair program developed for men and women looking for ways to enhance their poor FICO scores fast and effortlessly. It is named credit repair magic and it is quickly making a name for itself as the greatest piece of automated credit repair software presently available to the average person.

When Did Credit Repair Magic Get Released- Credit repair magic was made available for sale in late September and is always updated from month to month as the rules and regulations change. This is unlike almost all of the other credit score repair systems most of which are rarely if ever updated and apply archaic methods.

How Difficult Is Credit Repair Magic Difficult To Use- Credit repair magic has been developed by two credit industry gurus not computer engineers and they developed it to be easy to use. This makes it awfully easy for the common person to utilize and is going to assist you with a step by step system that will be simple to use. Running credit repair magic to fix your consumer credit is actually as simple as pointing and clicking your mouse, the credit repair program is gonna do the work.

Is Credit Repair Magic For Real- The program is far from a trick or rip off and has been the recipient of lost of great reviews and has a huge amount of of content users. It is also backed up by a 60 day satisfaction guarantee so if you experience any

Indore Hot Destination For Business Investment In India

Indore is a central Indian state that can best be described as the commercial capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It’s also the largest city in Madhya Pradesh.
Economic State

Indore has a diverse population that makes it a favored region when it comes to products which are tested as a fresh concept. It is one of the fastest growing tier-II cities in India and is considered as a center for commerce in the central parts of the country. Indore is also becoming an IT hub with many IT industries flourishing in the state.

The immense growth of Indore has made it the highest contributor of tax revenues in the state. To efficiently harness the potential that is held by the exports in software industry, the government is setting up many Special Economic Zone (SEZ) projects in Indore.

Indore is also characterized by more conventional production and manufacturing industries. The textile industry is a major industry of Indore. Modern shopping and trading areas have come up as a result of the economic growth of the city and many shopping centers and malls are popping up across the city.


With numerous land development projects on the way, Indore is rapidly becoming the real estate hub of the country. Quite obviously, Indore has the highest real estate values in the state of Madhya Pradesh and after the completion of some major development projects; the real estate value is expected to soar further.

To encourage the participation of IT

Secrets for Improving Your Online Credit Rating

Improving your online credit rating takes a little work but is well worth the effort. This one report can affect so many of your financial opportunities that making sure you have as high of a score as possible can save you substantial money every day. The process of fixing your online report can involve a few different techniques but is a project that will pay financial dividends for years to come.

Request a Copy of Your Current Reports

Any effort to raise your score should start with you obtaining free copies of your current reports from all three agencies. These reports will provide all the insight you need. They will show you what your current score is and where you’ll need to focus to improve it. Because all of the agencies use different techniques when calculating your score, you may need to apply different techniques for each of them to squeeze out those last few credit points. Knowing where you stand with your current credit profile is half the battle, and makes all of your efforts much easier.

Dispute Any Obvious Errors First

Once you have the tree reports, take some time to scour them individually for any errors. Don’t scan them lightly, really spend some time going through them line by line to make sure you don’t miss anything. Most consumers find at least one error in their report while doing this review. Correcting that error is sure to raise your score and only takes

Capture The Instinct Buying Behavior Of Your Customers With Credit Card Machines

Do you want to achieve atleast twice the sale that you have now. If this holds true for you and your business, you should start acknowledging the fact that a customer or client would only spend as much as he/she carries in his hands. Now as a businessman do you foresee a business loss, maximum purchases are done when a customer or client indulges into instinctive buying and this can only happen when accept payment methods that are convenient for your clients or customers.

And to capture that instinctive buying all you need to do is get into a tie up with the Credit Card Company and have Credit Card machines for business.

Do you want to achieve atleast twice the sale that you have now. If this holds true for you and your business, you should start acknowledging the fact that a customer or client would only spend as much as he/she carries in his hands and after he has exhausted his hard cash he would have to either curb the instinct of buying or purchase when he has money.

Now as a businessman do you foresee a business loss, maximum purchases are done when a customer or client indulges into instinctive buying and this can only happen when accept payment methods that are convenient for your clients or customers.

As we all are aware, the most common method of payment is through Credit Cards. Now if you want to know how can you start accepting credit cards, you

Small Business Startups with Poor Credit

Your credit score will become a major factor if you want to obtain funding for your small business. While a high score can make it easy to have a credit line extended your way, a low credit score may make offers difficult or even impossible to come by. By understanding what your options are if you have a low credit score, you can take the steps you need in order to fund your small business.

Consult with the Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is one place that you may be able to get a business loan with bad credit. The SBA works to provide loans to businesses rather than individuals, so the eligibility requirements will be based on business aspects rather than the owner’s financial history. Factors that may be examined include how the business receives its income, where the business is located, and ownership characteristics.

Consider a Microloan

A microloan is something that’s created by a non-profit organization and will provide small grants for the purpose of helping with startup businesses. These are designed specifically for women and minorities. Loans are also made available through the microloan program with the Small Business Administration, and these funds are lent out through the use of non-profit intermediary lenders throughout communities. Microloans can be great options for businesses that have no credit or poor credit due to their lenient credit requirements.

Look for Funding from Family and Friends

Over half of business owners receive financial backing and assistance from family and