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Tips that Make the Cocker Spaniel an Excellent Service Dog

You can instruct your PTSD service dog a variety of activities such as notifying you in case of danger. You can find a variety of service dogs that require minimal training. There are those that need extensive teaching and some of them are the PTSD service dog, Hearing-impaired dogs, and many others. We will discuss more about one of the warmest service dog breeds you can get- the Cocker Spaniel. Cocker Spaniels can perform a variety of activities as service dogs, and we will look at the features that make them the right fit.

One reason is that it is a social breed. Cocker Spaniels adore people. As much this breed can be quite zestful, they are adoring and fare on well with everyone. If you leave the cocker spaniel alone for long durations. It won’t fair on well because of its urgency for attention. Their passion for affection makes them ideal for a person with epilepsy who needs a companion to watch out for them or an elderly person who wants companionship.

The other feature that qualifies the cocker spaniel as an ideal service dog is its loving character. Apart from their caring nature of being around individuals, the cocker spaniels are also humane and loving. They have a soothing presence and loved to be caressed and pet.

The cocker spaniel is considered as an excellent service dog because it can be easily trained. This procreate of dog is sharp and add that with their need to please people, they are easy to train. Service dogs are required to carry out a lot of tasks and remember different orders, something the Cocker Spaniels can easily do.

The good thing about the Cocker Spaniels is that they are not hostile. Cocker Spaniels are not known for being unfriendly, either with other dogs or humans. With this characteristic, the cocker spaniels fit as an excellent service dog.

Another feature that makes the cocker spaniel an ideal service dog is its calming personality. The affectionate and happy presence of Cocker Spaniels gives individuals a feeling of tranquility and calmness. This is better for individuals suffering from depression, PTSD or several other mental health issues.

The Cocker Spaniels are also energetic. People who battle mental health issues such as anxiety often find it difficult getting out of their premise. An active companion who always wants to go out for a walk can help cheer up a person battling mental health problems. The positive vibrations of being in the open and engaging in multiple activities will help refresh your memory.

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