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The Advantages of Pre-owned Generators Over New Ones

There are various reasons why a lot of businesses overlook buying a backup generator. The primary reason for it would be due to the cost, lack of the necessary knowledge with regards to the generator, or the lead time of the generators. Most of the time, a business will think that backup generators could be only purchased new and not be able to know that there are actually other options available in buying used generators.

The used or pre-owned generators are in fact great ways of preparing the business for the needed power, whether it’s for business or for emergencies and being offered at an affordable price.

There are different reasons why buying pre-owned generators is the smart choice compared to purchasing a new generator. Below are some of the reasons why pre-owned generators are ideal options.

Cost is Lower

This is actually one of the best things about buying pre-owned generators. Whether you are planning to go for a natural gas and diesel generator, there are different options available that would best fit with the energy requirement of a business.

The reduced cost would be one of the reasons as to why a lot of businesses consider choosing used generators compared to the new ones. Used generators are actually just a fraction of the cost compared to the new ones, which helps a lot in reducing the cost of buying one that’s used.

Decreased Order Time

When you are going to buy a new generator, there’s a big gap with the time that you would need to wait for you to get the generator from its order date. It is in fact because of the lead time from ordering the equipment to manufacturing it until receiving. If you are going to order a new generator, the manufacturer needs to build a generator that is ordered. Lead time for new generator orders usually lasts for 8 to 16 weeks.

When you will go for the used generators, it has reduced lead time for getting the generator because it is already ready to be shipped. It makes used generators to be one of the best choices available for businesses that need an emergency backup generator.


Most people tend to immediately think in a negative way when it comes to talking about generators that have already been used. This is actually not always a bad thing because as long as the used generator is purchased from a certified dealer, you could then expect that the generator is in its best working condition.

Certified used generator dealers tests, maintains, and repairs used generators in order to ensure the function and also the reliability prior to selling it. This will help to ensure that you will get a quality product that you could rely on.


Another benefit when it comes to buying used generators aside from its lower cost would be where it is flexible. Manufacturers that produce new generators usually sell such equipment as-is to the buyers. This would mean that how the equipment is produced by the manufacturer is what you will be getting.

If you are going to buy a used generator, you are more flexible in making decisions, adjustments, or modifications which are able to best suit your needs.

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