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Finding Golf Cart Tires and Wheels

Golf carts are one of the most all-round vehicles out there and besides their principal use on the golf course, they are regular use homeowners with large premises. These rides are also used for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts, on streets as an alternative, or on neighborhood paths. However useful and fun these products are, they are not as commonly owned as trucks, motorcycles, or cars. This can make it hard to find shop golf cart tires and especially when you need a replacement. Luckily for you, you won’t need to dig a lot during your research as you can read this article and better your golf cart tires knowledge.

Decide whether you want new or used golf cart tires. It’s advisable you go for new golf cart tires and wheels. Some assume that since they’re not putting extensive wear and tear on the tires, it may not be necessary to acquire new tires. New tires have quality performance and longevity, making them the best investment. Purchasing used ones will definitely save you a few dollars upfront, but buying new ones will definitely save you more in the long run.

Determining the tire tread you need is one of the challenging parts of buying golf cart tires and especially for the first time. When it comes to golf carts, you’ll find three kinds of tire treads; all-terrain, off-road, and turf. Some knobby tires and all-terrain may also be directional wheels. This implies those tires need to be placed facing a certain direction because of how the tread pattern is outlined. There are many reputable businesses and several styles for every tire so ensure you find the best ones that fit your requirements.

The other point to consider is the size tire that your cart takes. After choosing the tires you require, it’s time to find ones of the right size. Look at the ones on your current ride so that you have an easy time when replacing them. You’ll see numbers engraved inside the tire if you check its sidewall. This is the size and ply rating and these are the numbers you’ll use when looking around for new golf cart tires and wheels.

Another thing is the weight the vehicle carries. Golf vehicles aren’t just designed to move people around the golf course. Some are made with flatbed and these are ideal if you need to tow packages or soil and dirt if your lawn. At times, you may also want to carry many people around right away. Ensure the load weight of the tires equals that of your cart otherwise you won’t be able to carry your loved ones.

Many tires are not built for highways and this means that they aren’t particularly made with speed in mind. Some states have prohibited the use of golf carts on public roads regardless. Check the measures of your state to see if it’s allowed to use golf carts on highways so that you look for one with a decent speed gauge.

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