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All You Need To Know Regarding Slip And Fall Accidents

Everyday many people report to emergency rooms after suffering injuries after a slip and fall accident at the office and even at home. Uneven flooring wet floors, unsafe construction areas, damaged stairways, low lighting in busy areas, poorly maintained sidewalk and faulty handrails are the main causes of slip and fall accidents.

If you are aware of what might make you slip and fall, you reduce the chances of such accidents occurring. The following critical facts about slip and fall accidents to help you and your family members in the event of injuries from such accidents.

Property owners are charged with the responsibility of keeping the offices and the rest of the property safe. Many people who are victims of slip and fall accidents do not know the responsibility of keeping the walkway safe lies with the property owner.

In cases where property owners see a hazard and fail to deal with it, they will be held responsible for any injuries that occur when someone slips and fall. It is therefore advisable that if you get involved in a slip and fall accident, you should call your attorney for advice and guidance on how you can get compensated for the pain and suffering brought by the injuries.

The majority of victims of slip and fall accidents are mostly the aged citizens. This is because as people age, their bones are less flexible and more likely to break unlike those of young people. Breakage of hips and backs are common injuries that senior citizens sustain.

It is for this reason that senior citizens are advised to work extra hard to avoid areas where they are likely to be involved in slip and fall accidents. A single slip and fall accident can potentially leave a senior citizen immobile which reduces their independence and quality of life.

If you get involved in a slip and fall accident, you should be silent about the case without your attorney’s guidance. What happens in most cases is that the insurance company of the company you are accusing of negligence will reach out. When they reach out to you, keep in mind that you are not legally obligated to respond to their queries irrespective of how awkward the situation will present itself. If you speak up without your lawyer, you might shoot yourself in the foot and fail to get the compensation you are looking for.

The other important thing is to preserve all the evidence as much as possible which includes keeping the shoes and clothes you had when you fell.

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